About LitSteps


Learning made easy

LitSteps resources are created with your child's interests in mind. Fun, kid-friendly content combined with age-appropriate activities will get (and keep) your child's attention.



Easy to use lessons

  • Low Prep. High Impact. LitSteps lessons are designed for busy families. Maximize the time you have with your child.
  • LitSteps products are created with your child in mind. Beautiful materials guarantee a fun learning experience.
  • LitSteps breaks down the teaching process so you can focus on teaching your child one small step at a time.
  • LitSteps is all about simple lessons and activities that can be repeated until your child is ready to move on.



Beautiful Resources

  • Your child already learns from you every day. LitSteps provides you with a framework for teaching essential pre-k skills.
  • Each lesson has child-friendly activities that focus on introducing your child to new skills.
  • Books are an important part of your child's learning. Get access to recommended book lists for each topic.
  • Use LitSteps resources and you're guaranteed to become your child's best teacher.



Fun, educational activities

  • Get your child will be excited about learning by using LitSteps products.   
  • Lessons outline the resources to use and the steps to take.
  • Get access to skills checklists so you can keep track of your child's learning over time.
  • Feel good knowing you're building your child's foundational and school-readiness skills