colors book


Learning to recognize colors is an early literacy skill. These playful illustrations will help your child learn to recognize and identify colors in their everyday life.

shapes book


Once your child learns the basic shapes, they'll start pointing them out everywhere they go. Knowing shapes will also help them learn to recognize alphabet letters. 

weather book

The Weather

The weather is an essential topic in early childhood classrooms. Weather watching is a daily activity your child will enjoy. They’ll be dressing for the weather before you know it.

alphabet book

The Alphabet

Learning the alphabet has never been more fun! Each page features an animal, upper & lower case letters, a name, and an emotion. Children will learn so much more than letters and sounds.

nursery rhymes book

Nursery Rhymes

Sharing classic nursery rhymes with your child is a wonderful way to prepare them for longer stories. Enjoy these popular rhymes featuring the Piglits and whimsical illustrations.