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LitSteps Creator

Behind LitSteps

Go behind the scenes with Litsteps' creator, Helen Deasy. Learn why she loves promoting children's literacy, what inspired her to start LitSteps, and about her decades-long journey as a teacher of literacy.

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love heart

Love Language

Do you know what your child's love language is? Discover how to communicate your love in the language that speaks directly to your child's heart.

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inspire star

Finding Inspiration

A touch of inspiration goes a long way to keeping your child's interest. But where does inspiration come from? Learn how inspiration impacts a child's desire and ability to learn. And how you can use inspiration to guide your child more effectively.

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teach diamond

Favorite Teacher

Teaching literacy shouldn't be painful- for you or your child. Get a sneak peek inside the early childhood educator's toolkit for building literacy in meaningful and playful ways!

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saga books

Reading Ritual

What's the difference between Rituals and Routines? A lot! Why creating a reading ritual is one of the best gifts you can give your child. And Yourself. 

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Lexi and Penn

Literacy 101

Want to know what steps your child will encounter on the road to literacy? Here's a roadmap outlining the most common stages. 

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